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Send A Cow Interim Report

The funds raised by the Martin Lawrence Memorial Trust last year are already changing lives. As a result of the Send a Cow training children are eating more than one meal a day and enjoying a more balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. There are now families within the groups who are using the earnings from their harvest to send their children to school, and, for those children that may have skipped school as they were too weak to walk the long distances or went to school hungry they are now well nourished and can concentrate on their studies.

Some of the gender training sessions have focussed on women’s rights and the importance of educating girls. This has helped to create a positive impact in changing attitudes to women’s roles in the family, the distribution of household chores and even addressing equal food distribution. With your support six school clubs have been established and the children are sharing what they have learnt in sustainable organic agriculture, hygiene and sanitation and gender equality with their family members as best practice. In time, we expect to see this information being disseminated across communities enabling your support to have a far wider impact than the project you are supporting. We are really encouraged by the level of support these clubs are attracting from the schools, the teaching staff and the pupils especially the girls who are embracing this extra-curricular learning.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been so generous in supporting our work in Wolayita. The funds raised by the Martin Lawrence Memorial Trust are already transforming lives with the individuals in the self-help groups growing in confidence to overcome hunger and poverty. With our best wishes to the Lawrence family, the trustees of MLMT and their supporters.” Aklilu Dogisso, Country Director for Send a Cow Ethiopia

Victoria Barnes
Partnerships Manager
Send a Cow